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Do all the parts of your organisation fit together?

There is one leadership training course in the UK that is substantially different to any other leadership course you are likely to attend. There is only one leadership course in the UK that will show you how to develop incredible organising and leadership skills using the Perception Dynamics approach. This approach is unique in that it will show you how to lead teams, departments, projects or whole organisations  in a way that ensures that everyone involved focuses on working together to maximise performance.

Our UK leadership course allows you to learn by working on your own issues. However it does not take the traditional activity approach to leadership that many types of traditional course focus on. Our approach to leadership is to ensure that everyone involved is focused on the "success criteria" that are local to their part of the organisation, as well as the overall success criteria are for the whole organisation.

In order to understand this approach, think of leadership as analogous to getting a large number of people to design, make and fit together all the parts of a complex jigsaw, where every part and every fitting interface is different. If everyone involved in the process simply made their own individual parts, what are the chances of all the parts fitting together to make a complete picture? Indeed, this analogy shows that it is not just the picture that everyone would paint on their part of the jigsaw that is important. What is important is the interconnections between each part of the jigsaw on and its neighbouring pieces.

NONE OF THESE INTERFACES can be made in isolation. Every projection from one part of the jigsaw can only be made in conjunction with the corresponding indentation of the adjoining jigsaw piece. In other words, if each person was responsible for one piece of the jigsaw, in order to ensure the jigsaw fitted together, they would have no option but to work with their associates on adjoining pieces of the jigsaw to create the interfaces that would allow all the jigsaw pieces to fit together to make the whole picture.

This is the Perception Dynamics approach to leadership. This is the approach to  leadership where everybody in the team or organisation becomes not just responsible for their individual activities, but where everyone involved  has to take responsibility for the interfaces and the total success of the organisation

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